PR And Online Advertising

A recent CommerceNet/Nielsen Media Research survey revealed that nearly one-quarter of all adults in the United States and Canada – some 51 million people – use the Internet to communicate, learn and transact business. But even more incredible than the current reach of the Internet is its explosive rate of growth. The same survey found that the number of Internet users in the two countries more than doubled in the space of only 18 months!
If you have spent any amount of time trying to sell a product, service or idea from your own Website, you know that traffic isn’t generated by search engine listings alone. Sure, submitting your site’s URL to big data bases like those maintained by Alta Vista, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Yahoo and others can result in more visits to your home page. But only if would-be visitors use the right combination of keywords and your site is near the top of the list when the search results are returned.

Banner advertising, on the other hand, is an exceptional way to introduce your product, service or idea to the online community and can increase traffic to your Website. Through a cooperative banner advertising program – such as LinkExchange, BannerSwap, GSAnet, PostMaster or SmartClicks – you earn free targeted advertising. The program generally works like this: You provide banner space to other advertisers and for every two visits to your Website, your banner is displayed once on the site of another member.

When you think about it, banner advertising on the Web is really no different than posting a billboard on a major interstate where it can be seen by passing motorists. Only in this case, you are advertising on the information superhighway – one of the most heavily-travelled routes on the planet! As with any advertising, closing the sale is up to you. If you have an attractive and informative site that is easy to navigate, visitors will spend more time there. And those who stay are more likely to become customers.